I offer cover art and branding! Branding is a streamlined look for all of the products that equal ~you~ as an author. From web design to the author swag you offer at readings, a streamlined look will promote your marketing. I also offer pitch cards for authors pursuing traditional publishing (cards taken to writers' conferences to give to agents with your picture, contact information, and book pitch on the back).

I offer full and complete all-ends-covered blog design! I prefer Blogger and Wordpress platforms, and I can help you redirect to a domain name. Header, side bar profile graphic & welcome blurb, custom graphic navigation links & widgets, social media buttons, favicon, etc. I also offer business cards, streamlined social media icons & covers, and design for promotional materials.

I offer awesome website design & promotional materials! I prefer Blogger and Wordpress platforms, and I can help you redirect to a domain name. Business cards, social media set-up, streamlined social media icons & covers, brochure & booklet design. I also offer copywriting & copy editing.

I offer design for online resumes & portfolios, print resumes, logo designs for merchandise (t-shirts, tote bags, etc), posters & brochures! Basically, if it can be designed . . . I can design it. Your wish is my command.

And now it's time for . . .

Cover Art Design $100
Not including price of image/font purchase

Pre-Made Cover $50
Flat fee with image/font purchase taken care of

Web Design $150 ~ $250, depending on amount of work involved
Blog, site pages, graphics, headers, widgets, Facebook & Twitter icons & covers, etc

Banner Ad $50

Business/Pitch Cards $50
Not including printing

Promotional Materials $30 ~ $50 for small jobs, $50 ~ $100 for large jobs
Small jobs: handouts, bookmarks, posters, logo for t-shirts/totes/key chains, etc
Large jobs: brochures, booklets, etc
Not including printing

Uploading/Printing/Shipping $5
The prices above include design only, but if you would like me to handle uploading/printing/shipping of physical materials I'm happy to do so. I can also send files to copy places (Staples/Walgreens/Office Depot/etc.) for you to pick up in person. The cost to print through these services will be added to your quote.
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