I already have a Frequently Asked Questions page, but I'm going to fill this out like one anyway as it's the only way I know how to reveal my inner soul to you.

What is this?
A "professional website."

Who are you?
I'm Jules! A writer/designer/photographer lady. I worked as a graphic designer & copywriter before becoming a married mom person, so now I do freelance design work here and there. Like helping my mother the romance novelist with her marketing (Taylor Dean!) and making promo materials for my theatre teacher husband (Seve Isaacs!), hooray! I've also published some short stories and read at art festivals, double hooray! Exclamation points!!

Will you write/design/photograph me a thing?
Of course I will! Why else would you be here, silly?

I met you at a writers' meeting/you spoke at my creative writing class!
Yes, you did! Yes, I did! Life is beautiful! I hope your manuscript is coming along well and I'm glad that you bothered to look up my site. Feel free to chat me up any time.

I'm here because you gave me your business card after a friendly and cordial meeting!
Cool! That means you likely asked me about designing something for you, which I'm very happy to do. If you haven't done so yet, contact me with details for your project here. If we didn't talk about design, I probably gave you my card because I like you and giving a business card is just a nice thing to do. I don't really have anything else to offer you. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. Look at this cat.

You're my friend's Senior Project Mentor and will you be my Senior Project Mentor too?
If your project is related to graphic design or self/traditional publishing, of course I will! If it's related to firefighting, you're out of luck.

What's your favorite book/movie/band/type of pie?
Our Souls at Night, Edward Scissorhands, St. Vincent, and all pies are wonderful things meant just for me.

Wait I'm here because you said you went to China/Russia & I want to go to China/Russia.
Yes. I taught English in Zhongshan, China in 2007 and Moscow, Russia in 2009 through the International Language Programs. And by golly, you can too!

Are we finally done with all these questions?
Yes, we'll stop now.
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